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Bangladesh cotton waste recycling growing at an exponential rate.

  • More than ten companies actively recycle cotton waste, more to come on stream soon 

  • Combined capacity around 10,000 tones per month

  • Capacity is growing exponentially 

Companies recycling cotton in Bangladesh

Data provided by Re/DRESS information partner Reverse Resources Bangladesh
Contact them for detailed data including a wasteflow dashboard tracking total volumes, disposal, destinations + more
Scroll down the graph for information about current recycling entities:

NOTE: Companies exclusively involved in sorting waste are not included in this chart. This sector is also rapidly formalising in Bangladesh. 

Company information below excerpted from company websites:

CYCLO and SIMCO: CYCLO '...collect the buyer’s waste from the manufacturer, recycle it, spin it into yarn, and deliver that yarn back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then uses it to produce garments, ultimately recycling the buyer’s own waste. ... started almost 10 years ago ...has evolved into CYCLO® recycled fibers: a high-quality, commercially applicable yarn that is internationally recognised as one of the most sustainable alternatives for apparel and other textile applications. CYCLO® recycled fibers is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and is working with HIGG index.' SIMCO Spinning & Textiles '... is the exclusive producer of CYCLO recycled fibers in Bangladesh. SIMCO has pioneered the use of sustainable fibers in Bangladesh.

Beximco/Recover: Beximco and Recover are two seperate companies working in collaboration in Bangladesh.  Recover™ "... is a leading materials science company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and fiber blends." Beximco's 'Bextex Ltd' "... is the most modern composite mill in the region. Bextex Ltd. has an installed capacity of 288 high-speed air-jet looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day."  There are four mechanical recycling machines currently installed, with nine more to come on line for a total of twelve. 

SQUARE Textiles Ltd: Part of the SQUARE Group, " of the largest producers of knitting and weaving yarns in Bangladesh and the total capacity of yarn production is 195 plus MT/day. SQUARE believes in sustainable growth and gives the highest priority to the preservation of nature and ecological balance. Keeping in mind, it established a 2.6 MW Solar Power Plant, Comprehensive Energy Saving Program, and Recycling Plant."


Mosharaf Group/Filotex Ltd:  Filotex "...  is a sister concern of Mosharaf Group...  playing a pioneering role in solving the solid waste problem in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry... using sophisticated recycling technology." 

Saraz Fiber Tech:  '.... set up a recycling spinning [facility] to process garment and textile waste....making different types of recycled yarn. EYS® ...  [is the brand name of their] recycled fiber yarn ... being used to produce coarse to fine fabrics, apparel, accessories, home textiles etc.'


Reverse Resources: '... digitise data on textile waste flows which enables the entire supply chain to track, trace and valorize textile waste... connect fashion brands, manufacturers, waste handlers and recyclers... are building the infrastructure to scale circular supply chains... publish a free-access dashboard that offers real-time overview of the textile waste flows on Reverse Resources platform.' Has an office in Bangladesh.  

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) "... is one of the largest trade associations in the country representing the readymade garment industry, particularly the woven garments, knitwear and sweater sub-sectors with equal importance.'

The Circular Fashion Partnership is a cross-sectorial project to support the development of the textile recycling industry in Bangladesh by capturing and directing post-production fashion waste back into the production of new fashion products.  Part of the industry-led Global Fashion Agenda group. Access 'Scaling Circularity', published in 2021, with chapters on Textile Recycling and the Circular Fasion Partnership here.  

More responsible fashion resources

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