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Khudi Bari

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FACE* (Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity) is working with families located in flood-prone regions in Bangladesh living with the consequences of the climate catastrophe testing/adapting a low-cost modular shelter system. Khudi Bari (or tiny house) is designed to withstand high water/wind and can easily be relocated. 


Supported by private donors, in March 2021 the first three homes were built in collaboration with families living on Chor Hijla.  These families are now adapting the modules and we are learning from their adaptations. At least one family member from this first iteration will become part of our training team as the project is rolled out in other areas.  

As of  November 2021, the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, has agreed to make it possible for 100 households across Bangladesh to build Khudi Bari homes. In addition, FACE has been invited to be Afield Fellowship peers.


Please contact if you are interested in hearing more about the project. 


*FACE is a non-profit society affiliated with Marina Tabassum Architects (MTA), a Bangladeshi architectural studio. More information about the Khudi Bari project is available on Facebook.

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