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S/S 2022 : Both wearing super lightweight 100% recycled cotton raw-edged sleeveless T and 100% recycled  cotton/polyester tapered trousers with deep pockets (Role) models: Ruhul Abdin, community organiser/urbanist and Pat Kerr, founder of a mother/child residential centre in Bangladesh. (Photo: Albor)


S/S 2022 : Poplin tunic/shirt, a hybrid between the classic crisp white shirt and the South Asian tunic (with deep pockets) and reversible poplin + jersey oversize T shirt/tunic with 'floating' pockets.  Collection also includes wide leg trousers and a rib-knit sleeveless jacket (not pictured) (Photo: Albor)

Re/DRESS is a responsible fashion brand using 100% recycled cotton/polyester textiles. Made in Bangladesh, these breathable, lightweight, woven and knit textiles are made from yarn spun from pre-consumer cotton waste and recycled polyester. This proof-of-concept collection is a circular fashion initiative, and as a non-profit venture which uses all proceeds to promote responsible fashion, it’s a circular economic proposition as well.

Our process is not proprietary, in fact, we encourage others to copy what we’re doing. You can order our collection (wholesale), source these textiles, have your products made with recycled textiles by our factory partners, or just arrange to talk to us about what we’ve learned.


For more information, contact ReDRESSrecycle@gmail, or the Re/DRESS coordinator Teresa Albor (alborteresa@hotmailcom).


The lightweight capsule collection (tunic, oversize T-top, sleeveless T, sleeveless rib knit jacket/koti, wide leg/palazzo and tapered trousers) is designed for heat and humidity.  Unisex, minimal and modest for all ages, it comes in two sizes, and two colourways (light and dark).  



This project relies on the advice, expertise and generosity of the textile, ready-to-wear (RTW) and design community in Bangladesh.  The following are some of the people and entities, committed to responsible practices in the textile and RTW industry, who are providing pro bono advice and a range of in-kind and material support.

Aidha Cader, concept

AJO Idea Space/Made in Bangladesh (MIB Spirit), advice on merchandising and branding

Bextex Ltd, Design Studio, research and development of textiles

Bharat Pratap Singh, design, production, logistics

Brunhilde Descamps, concept

Centia Bhuyan, Bhuyan Fashion, concept

CYCLO, advice on responsible upcycling, production of yarn (see below) 

DRIK Picture Library/Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Photoshoot location

Momtex, advice on weaving 

Monon Muntaka Shova, Photography

Ørjan F. Ellingvåg, Photography

Rahul Sarkar, design, production, logistics 

Raju Panna, Master pattern maker, production

Rubana Haq, concept

Ruhul Abdin, Paraa  concept

Sadaf Saaz Siddiqi, concept

Sarah Karim Couture, concept  

Teresa Albor, design, overall coordination

(role) Models

Aidha Cader

Carlos García Hernàndez

Esther Comino Álvarez

José Comino Pulido

Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Laura Sophie Schnieders

Luva Nahid Choudhury

Mercedes Alvarez Bustamante

Ørjan F. Ellingvåg

Ruhul Abdin

Ruxmini Reckvana Q Choudhury


CYCLO - provides solutions to avoid valuable, dyed cotton from going to waste. CYCLO mechanically recycles textile waste from garment manufacturers in Bangladesh into new fibers and yarns, without using water, chemicals or dyes.  

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